I was asked so many times, how can we explain ADHD to our child? Once your child is diagnosed, or even if you suspect they have ADHD, you want them to know about their neurodiverse condition. Right?

But there were very few published books aimed at young people, to let them know how unique their brain is, how with a little help they can achieve so much and how they are amazing.

So, guess what I did…I went and wrote my own book!

It is a chapter book with illustrations suitable for 7 to 11 year olds.

It took 2 years but I am delighted to announce it is now published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers and is available from all good bookshops.

Want a sneak preview?


There are thirteen characters all of whom have ADHD characteristics. In each chapter they explain what they find difficult. Then there is a clear illustration what the grown ups can do to help.

It is up to the adults to change expectations and adapt the environment to enable a child with ADHD to feel happy and successful.

The overall message is that a little person with ADHD is amazing and has incredible superpowers – they just need a little help from the grown ups.


Just so the grown ups know how to help, I have included a checklist for parents and teachers:


It is important our young people don’t feel alone and isolated. So I have included a section where they can learn about grown ups who can help them:


We all love a juicy bonus, so I’ve included one!

Inside the book there is a secret website where parents and teachers can download an additional free ebook for more detailed explanation and ideas to help and support a child with ADHD at home and at school:


Did I mention the foreword is written by Daniel Johnson MSP who is the first Parliamentarian to talk openly about his ADHD. He is such a busy man, so I was so grateful he found time to read my little book. An excerpt below….


Don’t just take my word for it. Look what other people are saying….

The aim of my book is to empower young people to know what they need in order to live and happy and successful life.

I am super excited about my book.

I hope you love it too.

Let me know.